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The Sims 3: Showtime vs. Late Night

A lot of people are mentioning to me that Showtime and Late Night are too similar, and that it seems like a waste of money. So, I want to tell you my opinion on the whole thing. I see them as being two very different things. The only thing they really have in common is the ability to have a performance and the whole “rise to fame” concept. Late Night is all about having a night out on the town, it’s about going to bars, meeting a hot and famous sim, and taking them back to your place for a little hot tub action. It’s about living the city life, and the life of the rich and famous. Showtime on the other hand, is about performing on stage. You can become a magician and acrobat, two things that would not necessarily fit into the Late Night theme. Of course being a singer and DJ would have been a great addition to Late Night, and I had always wondered why it was not included, but I completely understand why now. I mean, they could have included them and just created a circus type of EP, but maybe that’s not where they wanted to go with it. Showtime also gives you the ability to message other simmers while in the game. I think that once the EP is out, people will then understand how different the two really are.

My logic is that the producers of The Sims 3 are not morons, they will eventually give the people what they want, which is weather, but for me, it’s the college experience. Give it time, they still have at least 3 more EPs to put out.

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